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Returns details for all offers or a result set with optional filters. Results can display a set of fields for all matching offers:

- Id : the offer id - Name : the offer name - Platform - DailyCap - PreviewUrl - TrackingUrl - Description - AllowedTraffic - Country - OptIn - Rate : Net Rate paid to affiliate in $ USD - EndDate

URL[YOUR API KEY]&zoneId=[YOUR ZONE ID]&affiliateId=[YOUR AFFILIATE ID]&method=findAll&format=[xml OR json]

HTTP Method(s) GET, POST

Filters :

countries : list of countries (ISO code) sperated by a comma (CA,US,FR,JP).

optIn : can be either DOI or SOI.

platform : can be either Display, Android, IOS or Android & IOS.

allowedTraffic : allowed traffic sources can be either S, SEM, B, D, E, P or T S: Social traffic (facebook, etc) SEM: Search Engine Marketing e.g. Google AdWords B: Brand Bidding D: Display / Banners E: Email Marketing P: Pop Unders T: Text Links / Editorial content

Reponses types xml, json

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